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Important District 6 Information

Welcome to the 2014 - 2015 Season


USA Hockey Registration opens August 1st, this season all officials in addition to completing the online open book test and attending a seminar must also complete the online training module for your level and complete the online Safe Sport training (every 2 Years If you completed this last season you are good for this season). All members must attend one of the following meetings listed below.  

General Membership Meeting: 

Saturday November 8th 9:00 AM Stonebrook Golf Club

 New Officials  

 Please Click the Link Below:




D6 Policy on use of Officials

13.3    Use of Officials

13.3.1    District 6 officials MUST BE USED for all games and scrimmages between District 6 teams and for all games and scrimmages played on District 6 ice.

        13.3.2    On-Ice Officials – Any District 6 games or scrimmage MUST utilize the District 6 referee schedulers to assign officials.  Requests for officials for scrimmages must be made 96 hours prior to the start of the scrimmage.  If a scrimmage has been set up with the league scheduler and the scrimmage gets cancelled, the league scheduler must be given a minimum of 24 hours notice or a game fee will be assessed against the team which set up the scrimmage.  On-ice officials must be paid for scrimmages prior to the start of the scrimmage.


Pay Checks are issued:

Dec 22(Games Worked 11/1 - 12/15

Feb 8  (Games Worked 12/16 - 1/26 

Apr 16 (Games Worked 1/27 - 3/31)  

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Address & Email Changes


If you move or change your email address please make sure you send an email to Kurt@d6ref.com and update your profile in Arbiter

In the Subject line of the Email list:  Address Change or Email Address Change.