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I thought that perhaps I would not have to address an issue this season but I was wrong.  KEEP YOUR PERSONAL OPINIONS TO YOURSELF.  Do not share any of your thoughts with a player or coach, do not yell or try to coach the players.  All you need to do is officiate the game and provide a safe game for all to enjoy while enforcing the rules of USA Hockey.  You are the official on the ice so act like a professional.  ANY QUESTIONS?

Dave Kemp


It has been brought to my attention by a number of coaches in regards to the official misquoting a rule or not knowing the rule.  Please recall my statement at the meetings about knowing USA Hockey, MN Hockey, District 6 Hockey and Metro Junior Gold (if this applies) rules.

Call the rules per the USA Hockey game, not a high school, or college game.  It is the responsibility of the Officials to provide a fun and SAFE environment for all players each and every game.

If a player is assessed a game misconduct for fighting it is a one game suspension from USA Hockey but if it is two district 6 teams playing then the district 6 rule calls for a three game suspension.  DO NOT TELL A COACH A RULE IF YOU DO NOT KNOW IT.  I am tired of having this discussion with a coach and he tells me that the game official told him that it was only a one game suspension.

There is no rule that assesses a major and 10 minute misconduct.  The penalties are either a 2 plus 10 or 5 and a game.  

It is your responsibility to be sure that the scoresheet is filled out properly before signing it.

For those working Junior Gold, I would suggest that you download their rulebook and read it prior to your next game.  USA Hockey has a game misconduct for 5 penalties to the same player in the same game.  Metro Junior Gold has the player removed after THREE penalties.  If you do not know the rules then do not work this level.

Please feel free to contact me if we need to discuss anything further.

Nuff said,

Dave Kemp
Supervisor of Officials
District 6 Hockey

Incident Reporting "Cheatsheet"

Go to the supervisors page and print out the cheatsheet for filling out an incident report.  Remember to list the level of play after the home team name.  (Shakopee PWA)

Welcome to the District 6 Officials Association

Member Meeting Attendance 2017_2018

Officials who have completed three (3) seasons of service or more with District 6 Officials are being given a break this year from having to attend a meeting or watching a video and taking a quiz. Use the time to take another look at the USA hockey and D6 rules. Thanks for your service, please remember for questions about:

  • Scheduling - Terri
  • Pay, 1099's, etc. - Kurt 
  • Evaluations, USA Hockey -  Dave 
  • Association items Derrick -
  • Association Board -

 If you have any questions or concerns please send an email to or 

Thanks again and have a great season!!


D6 Policy on use of Officials

13.3    Use of Officials

13.3.1    District 6 officials MUST BE USED for all games and scrimmages between District 6 teams and for all games and scrimmages played on District 6 ice.

        13.3.2    On-Ice Officials – Any District 6 games or scrimmage MUST utilize the District 6 referee schedulers to assign officials.  Requests for officials for scrimmages must be made 96 hours prior to the start of the scrimmage.  If a scrimmage has been set up with the league scheduler and the scrimmage gets cancelled, the league scheduler must be given a minimum of 24 hours notice or a game fee will be assessed against the team which set up the scrimmage.  On-ice officials must be paid for scrimmages prior to the start of the scrimmage.

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